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You may not realize it, but marketing starts even before you launch your business. Small of large, you spent time planning, raising money, talking to people, and even writing up your business plan and proposal. Every time you talked to someone about your business, and every time you let someone read that proposal, you were marketing your business.

However, once you launch there is so much more you need to do, and some things you need to keep doing, to keep the name of your business going. You want people to hear the name and recognize the name. So, here is what you need to do.

Keep Talking About It

Just because your business in now launched doesn’t mean you should stop talking about it. Keep telling the people you run into about your business. The more you talk about it the more people will hear about it and get excited, and want to come see what it is you do.

Set Up Your Website And Blog

You need a place where people can find you, which means you need to be online. It’s wise to have your website set up even before your official business launch, even if you are a brick and mortar business. Make sure you are using SEO in your blog and on your site to make it easier for people to find you.

Blab On Social Media

Social media is a must for getting your name out there, building brand recognition, and building trust with people. It can help you create sales and lifelong customers. Of course, it also give people a place to stand on their own soap box, but do them right and they’ll do you right.

Talk To Local Papers

If you are a brick and mortar, you don’t want to forget your roots. Get your story told by the local paper when you open up. Most local papers like a feel good story about a local making their business dreams come true.

Pay To Advertise

Do not just use the free places on the internet to advertise. You should, even for a small business, have some money set aside for advertising, use it. You can find affordable, budget friendly advertising online.

Do not Forget Traditional Materials

And, of course, do not forget the traditional marketing materials that can help you out locally and at trade shows. You must have business cards. If your business does a lot of different things, or sells a lot of different things, a brochure or small catalog can be a great asset. Additionally, if your marketing involves booklets or brochures, maybe consider investing in one of those booklet makers. That way, you can save the cost of production as well.

If you plan to do trade shows, not only do you want the above, but you should also have some pens, pads of papers, and other swag with your business name and contact on it that people can take for free.

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