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When starting a business, it’s crucial that you understand your market. Markets vary based on region, so if you’re located in the Midwest, your clients are going to have different desires and needs as compared to if your business was located in the South or on the East Coast.

Luckily, most people decide to start businesses in places they’ve been or that they’re at least familiar with. Those who don’t find that they create more challenges for themselves because they don’t understand their market in that unfamiliar region. It’s about knowing the topography and the culture of the land and people. What needs are present due to the environment and the landscape, and what kinds of industries are already present due to similar factors?

Every state will require that you look into these details, but if you live in Washington state, we’re here to help you out a bit. Here are 3 business facets that are sure to make you money in Washington state:


It’s safe to say that the technology sectors of business are blooming everywhere. It’s the age of technology and new and innovative inventions are coming out every day that reshape how the world operates and how people do business. If you want to start a tech based business, it’s going to be crucial that you put all your ducks in a row and evaluate your credit as well as look into the basic guidelines of how to start a business in Washington.

Technology based fields can be extremely expensive to startup, or they can be pretty inexpensive as it depends on your emphasis, but if you’re tech savvy, Washington is definitely the market to get your feet wet in. And if you want additional help with other aspects of the business like finances, legalities, etc. then you can try these guys or other experienced professionals who can help you out. Having a support team can be beneficial in that it lets you focus on the parts of the business you are good at – the technology and innovation.


Regardless of where you end up, Seattle area is a great place to start your business because development centers are popping up everywhere. Development centers are great for entrepreneurs because it means that they can have a place to test and refine their ideas. Many places around the country are filled with older and more developed business fields, but Seattle cultivates a culture that really promotes startups. This means that if you head over to Washington and make a home in Seattle area, you could start up a development center and have a lot of people coming to you for help and that’s money in the bank.

Training and Networking

Seattle area is a hub for new growth of businesses, but it’s also where many companies keep headquarters. People who have decided they’re over the corporate world will leave their old jobs where they were highly trained to start new businesses of their own. This is great for you because if you head over to the coast you could make money training eager young entrepreneurs, or you could be teaching young people the ins and outs of networking. Of all up and coming cities, Seattle is a major player, so head over there now to cash in on the booming economy.

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