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Whether you work in marketing or advertising exclusively or you simply have a product or idea that you’re trying to promote, almost everyone can improve upon their marketing skills in one way or another. However, sometimes it’s not the technical skills that you need but the right frame of mind in order to become someone who’s a true industry leader in marketing. So to help you get to this point in your career, here are three things you can begin doing right now to become an even better marketer.

Hone Uncommon Yet Necessary Marketing Skills

While many marketers went to school or got on-the-job training for basic marketing principles, it’s often the more uncommon skills that make a marketer truly great. While understanding demographics and sympathies can help to make your campaigns effective, Neil Patel of QuickSprout shares that the most useful marketing skills are to be creative and know how to reach your objectives quickly. By gaining these skills-ones that you can’t necessarily learn through formal education-you’ll have a leg up on all those other marketers who are relying on more traditional strategies and are less willing to think outside the box.

Develop Key Personal Habits

To be a good marketer, you have to have a focus on some specific goals and habits within your life. According to John Rampton, a contributor to, only the best CMOs practice all of the 12 habits he states as being part of true marketing success. However, any and all marketers should work on developing these key personal habits if any shortcomings are recognized. Some of these habits include using native advertising whenever possible, being a great mediator, understanding all things digital, tapping into big data and much more. By working on these key habits of successful marketers, you can see major improvements in the way you’re able to do your job. To improve your marketing skills even more, some businesses might also want to get help from a company like Epsilon to understand more about their consumers, allowing them to target personalised marketing towards them to encourage them to purchase from the business again.

Embrace Testing

One of the biggest hardships when it comes to marketing is knowing which of your strategies is working and which ones aren’t. Luckily with the advent of Internet marketing, there are now hundreds of tools you can use to make finding the ROI for your marketing strategies easy. Still, one of the best things you can do to really get the most out of your marketing dollars, as Jeremy Smith of Crazy Egg told, is testing. Varying the details of your strategies and testing to see which elements make the best marketing materials is, according to Smith, the secret of success with marketing and high conversion rates. Although it may sound boring to some, testing is vital to having the best outcomes possible from your marketing strategies.

Being a better marketer really comes down to understanding where you may be lacking in skills or expertise and then doing all you can to build in those areas. Use the tips mentioned above to help yourself get stronger in some commonly forgotten about areas of marketing and see just how skilled you can become.

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