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For many businesses, one of the best ways you can spend your marketing dollars is to market directly to specific customers rather than creating mass-market marketing materials and hoping to find success there. While direct marketing can be effective and inexpensive, it can only be such if you use it correctly. To help with this, here are three tips businesses can use when marketing directly to their customers.

Use the Right Type of Direct Marketing

In today’s marketing landscape, there are many different forms of direct marketing. According to Megan Marrs, a contributor to, some of the most common forms of direct marketing fall under the category of mobile marketing and include in-app marketing, in-game marketing, search ad marketing, and SMS marketing done in the form of texts. Because there are so many options for direct marketing through mobile devices, it’s crucial to your business that you focus on the areas that will prove most profitable to your business based off your target market and ideal customers.

Another option worth cosidering could be telemarketing service. This strategy can help get you the most traction out of your mobile marketing efforts. There are several U.S. companies offering telemarketing services; SalesFish being among a clutch of experienced B2B marketing agencies who could meet your direct marketing needs.

Use In Conjunction with Social Media

To have the most success possible with direct marketing, Ira Kalb, a contributor to Business Insider, recommends for businesses to integrate their direct marketing with social media. Doing so will make your marketing efforts even more successful in the long run because all your online marketing endeavors will be linked to one another, creating a culture around your products or services. You can also use social media to get the customer information necessary to market directly to your customers, giving your business even more warm leads to take advantage of.

Don’t Subscribe to Direct Marketing Myths

Many people in the business world have preconceived notions about direct marketing. However, not all these ideas are true, and by believing them, you may be sabotaging your company’s success when it comes to direct marketing.

According to Chad Gallagher, a contributor to, some direct marketing myths that apply to mobile marketing include thinking customers only use their mobile devices on the go or when the process is simple, more exposure automatically means more success, and that your mobile direct marketing strategy should be exclusive from your other marketing strategies. Be sure you understand the real facts behind a successful direct marketing campaign and don’t just believe myths you may think sound plausible.

Choosing to market directly to your customers using their mobile devices is a great marketing strategy that can help you grow your business more than merely using other traditional marketing forms. Use the tips mentioned above to ensure you’re getting the most out of your direct marketing efforts.

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