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When you’re considering selling your home, one of the top priorities for you now becomes how to ensure that you can sell your home for top dollar. For many homeowners, this means that you’ll likely want to undertake some projects or research that could help make your home of a higher value to potential buyers. However, no one wants to undertake large, expensive projects if they won’t actually have much effect on their sale price. So to help you wisely use your time and resources, here are three ways you can effectively increase the appraisal value of your home.

Make Sure Improvements Are Noted

When a home appraiser comes into your house in preparation for a sale, they may not notice certain things that you’ve done to improve the property. While big changes like upgrades to the kitchen or bathroom can often easily be noticed, smaller changes or ones that aren’t as visually obvious can sometimes be overlooked. To combat this, Greg Daugherty, a contributor to, suggests that you are sure to point out certain things you’ve done to improve the home. This might include mentioning that you’ve just replaced the roof or bought a new hot water heater. These things could easily increase the value of your home but aren’t easily noticed when doing a quick check of the space.

Become More Energy Efficient

One area you could work on that would help improve the value of your home is making upgrades or improvements that would increase energy efficiency. Especially in recent years, home buyers are very interested in what the home can offer that will either decrease their carbon footprint or help them save money on utilities throughout the month. Knowing this, Real Simple recommends doing reasonable upgrades like installing ceiling fans or replacing your windows to help bring up your home’s appraisal value.

Showcase Your Town’s Achievements

Aside from what your particular home has to offer, there are other things that can affect what the appraisal value of your home is. According to CNBC, having a great neighborhood or town can make your home more valuable. Especially if things were just added to your area, like new restaurants, parks, museums or other amenities, these things should be weighed and measured to see how they could impact the value of your home. If the appraiser isn’t considering these things, do what you can to showcase these achievements and comment on how they can make living in this home more valuable.

If you’re going to have your home appraised soon, use the tips mentioned above to help ensure you get the best valuation possible for your property.

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