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When you’re in the business of marketing and advertising, you’re always on the prowl for new and different ways to get your company’s name, image and vision out there. And with the rise of the Internet and social media, many of the traditional forms of marketing have fallen by the wayside and been replaced by more high-tech strategies. However, some of the most effective and eye-catching marketing techniques are still the ones that have been around the longest. For example, using fashion and branded clothing to reach a large amount of people with minimal effort. So to show you how you can reimagine these foundational marketing ideas, here are three ways you can use fashion as a form of marketing in the modern world.

The Classic T-Shirt

Think about what your daily schedule looks like. You go to work, head to the gym, stop by multiple stores or shops to make purchases, and commute to and from each location. In all these travels, how many people a day do you think you see? This number will vary depending on the area in which you live and the type of day you have, but one thing is certain—you’re ignoring a large group of potential customers by not taking advantage of these subtle marketing arenas.

One way to use this time and space for your advertising benefit is to market your brand or company on classic t-shirts. The amount of eyes you can get on your company logo, website, phone number or brand message simply by creating t-shirts with this information is astounding. And because you can get so much attention using this strategy, you’ll want to make sure the attention is positive rather than negative. To achieve this, suggests preparing your t-shirt for business use by planning out the right colors, using the right software and having a quality image or logo.

Punchy Accessories

Branding accessories like shoes, bracelets, hats, patches and more is another great way to get your business advertised to large groups of people. Using accessories can be an especially good idea because, unlike t-shirts, you can wear accessories more than just one day in a row, increasing the amount of people who will be exposed to this marketing piece. To get even more out of advertising on accessories, E.J. Schultz, a contributor to, suggests considering creating a brand mascot as well as your logo to get your target market even more attached to your brand in addition to bringing in a more emotional element to your advertising.

Jackets and Outerwear

The point of using fashion and clothing as a marketing tool is to get as many eyes on your pieces as possible. But how can you do this without having to wear the same clothes day in and day out? Cameron Herold, a contributor to, recommends putting your logo or mascot on jackets and outerwear as well to further show off your brand. He states that you can use this marketing piece even when you’re not wearing it by strategically placing it on chairs or hangers in public locations, packing it away for travel with the logo facing out for all to see and more. Be creative to get the maximum impact out of this marketing tactic.

Using clothing, accessories and other fashion items to showcase your business is a great traditional way to market your company. Use the tips mentioned above to try your hand at this strategy today.

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