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For the 21st century restaurant, attracting customers is about so much more than offering the right food and creating the right atmosphere. Odd as it might seem, the online world can be your best friend, so make sure you’re using these handy tricks to get more people through your doors.

  1. Check-In apps

Check-in apps allow customers to register their visit to your restaurant. This will help boost your rating on online listings, and you’ll also have the opportunity to offer discounts after customers have made a certain number of check-ins, providing an ideal incentive for repeat visits.

  1. Create Online Business Listings

If people are new to the area, they’re probably going to use Google or other search engines to search for queries such as ‘best Italian restaurants in ____’. Often enough, this will take them to a list of establishments collected through online business listings. If you want your restaurant to appear on such lists, better register with sites such as Facebook Places and Yelp.

  1. Use Social Media Marketing

For most restaurants, word-of-mouth is marketing bread and butter. In the modern world, word-of-mouth marketing has become even more important thanks to the prevalence of social media, so start advertising on Twitter and Facebook. You can select target audiences and allow other users to share and promote your offers.

Moreover, you can introduce marketing methods like discounts, loyalty programs, weekend specials, combo and family deals, etc., to publicize your business on social media. You can research restaurant promotional ideas through or other blogs providing tips on business marketing strategies.

  1. Use Digital Signage

One effective trick to attract more customers to your restaurant is by using digital signage. With the help of digital displays, you can showcase your menu, daily specials, and promotions in an eye-catching and engaging manner.

By incorporating visually appealing graphics and even popmusic videos into your digital signage, you can easily capture the attention of potential customers and entice them to come inside and dine at your restaurant. Additionally, digital signage allows you to easily update your content, ensuring that your customers are always aware of your latest offerings and deals.

  1. Offer Free Wi-Fi

If there’s one thing modern customers enjoy, it’s being able to hook up to the internet without being charged. Providing a fast broadband connection, and displaying a ‘Free Wi-Fi’ sign on your door is one of the best ways to encourage people into your restaurant. As well as checking their social media accounts, and perhaps giving your restaurant a Like, customers will be able to plan out the rest of their day when they can access Wi-Fi as they eat.

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