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Co-branded prepaid cards offer a cost effective solution to a unique, branded business offering. Unlike Private or White label programs, that require lengthy documentation and significant financial outlay, so more and more businesses are turning to co-branding. Here are a few key reasons why Co-Branded Prepaid cards are a great choice for small to medium sized business:

It’s a Low Cost Option

Companies looking for basic card customisation need look no further than 4th Line Embossing. Some providers offer this basic prepaid card customisation as a cost effective way to brand cards. It allows businesses to include their company name on the front of the card, beneath the cardholder name. It generally has a 21-character limit. 4th Line Embossing is a cost saving solution to card customisation – it’s a branded card without significant financial outlay. 

Enhanced Brand Awareness

While 4th Line Embossing offers basic customisation, some prepaid card providers offer hot foil overprinting. This adds a high-quality silver logo to the front of the prepaid card, increasing the level of customisation, and in turn, your brand’s reach. Hot foil overprinting enhances brand awareness at a lower cost than fully customised solutions, making it the perfect affordable solution to uniquely branded cards. 

High Limit

Prepaid card load limits can reach as high as 50,000 USD. This puts unparalleled purchasing power in the hands of your clients. Daily ATM withdrawals and spend limits can also be high, giving your cardholders greater freedom to spend than with some other solutions. 

Shortened Time to Market

Co-branded prepaid cards typically take less time to come to market. This means that eager clients and businesses alike can benefit from a convenient co-branded solution. In contrast, a Private or White label prepaid card solution may take as long as three or four months to be brought to market after issuer approval, making co-branded cards the time and cost effective solution.

Reconciliation and Card Management

Prepaid card payment activity can be accessed easily. This results in streamlined payment management and assured accuracy. Reconciliation reports include all events that change the balance of the float account, detailed load history and information down to the individual card. Co-branded solutions offer a truly efficient and unique experience for the business and card user alike. 

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