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Paper or plastic? It’s a question we’re hearing less and less as consumers and businesses get more turned on to the benefits of using paper bags instead of the old single-use plastic ones. Just in case you’re still on the fence, here are our top five benefits of paper bags.

  1. Eco-Friendly

First and foremost, paper bags are far better for the environment than plastic bags. They can be reused over and over without wearing out, and they can be easily recycled once you’re done with them. In contrast, plastic bags consume plenty of raw materials during production, including lots of oil, and usually get sent straight to landfill after just a single use.

  1. Long-Term Use

As mentioned above, paper bags tend to last significantly longer than plastic bags. That’s obviously a boon when you’re considering their environmental impact, but it’s also important in terms of brand and convenience. People like using the same bag again and again without having to replace it, and businesses benefit from ongoing advertising.

  1. More Attractive

There’s a certain vintage charm about paper bags that plastic bags have never been able to emulate. It’s partly because the material looks nicer and partly because it doesn’t wrinkle and stretch as easily. Better yet, paper feels better than plastic, so it’s nicer to carry around a paper bag.

  1. Superior Branding

Branded bags can be an incredibly effective part of a marketing strategy, but the results aren’t so hot when you use plastic bags. They don’t produce such vibrant or eye-popping designs, and the wrinkling effect will destroy the message. In contrast, paper bags are an ideal canvas for personality-filled branding.

  1. Ideal for Arts and Crafts

Even when a paper bag starts to wear out or lose its handles, it doesn’t need to be thrown away. People will still be able to use them, and many older paper bags find their way into arts and crafts kits. You can make anything from paper lanterns to children’s Halloween masks if you have a couple of paper bags lying around.