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People spend a large proportion of their lives at work, so it’s important to ensure that the experience is as enjoyable as it can possibly be. Many employees stay tied to roles they hate, often because they’re afraid of change, but this can be counter-productive for both the worker and the employer.

If you are one who is unhappy with your job and want to quit, you should have valid reasons for wanting to do so in addition to having a plan to act on once you’ve put down your papers. It is unwise to quit and then be without a source of income, anxious about how to make ends meet. So, you might want to take this should I quit my job quiz for some clarity on whether you should make the decision or not.

However, there are five key signs that it’s time to quit your job:

Your real skills aren’t being utilised properly

You may be a good sales person, but your real passion lies elsewhere. No matter how good you are at closing the next deal, your true skills are not being utilised.

If your job forces you to use skills that aren’t enjoyable to you, or that you’re not passionate about, your work will eventually suffer. Identify the area your skills would be best suited to and search for a role that properly fits those attributes.

Work is making you unhappy

Most people would be happier with their feet up, but feeling content while working should be the minimum requirement for any employee.

While most jobs won’t offer the thrills provided by Oink: Country Love at LeoVegas, they should at least offer a pleasant environment where what you do is valued and appreciated.

Don’t hide from how your job makes you feel. If the thought of getting out of bed to go to work fills you with dread, it’s time to make a change.

The workplace is an unpleasant environment

A job isn’t just about your duties, but also the people you interact with on a daily basis.

Whether it’s your colleagues or your boss, it’s imperative that people work well together. Human nature dictates work relationships won’t always run smoothly, but they must not be allowed to fester for too long.

Companies should also ensure their employees are treated with the respect they deserve and rewarded properly for the work they do.

You are stuck in a rut

Many people find it difficult to admit their current role isn’t challenging enough. They decide against pursuing their ideal job for fear of rejection and end up staying in positions that are totally unfulfilling.

Don’t ignore those feelings – embrace the prospect of change and head down a path that will bring more reward and satisfaction to your working life.

You’re not keeping a healthy work/home life balance

Employees are generally happy to go the extra mile if their efforts are appreciated. A 40-hour week will often mean a couple of hours extra here and there, but when work affects your home life it’s time to reconsider your future.

Always ensure your work doesn’t impact on the things that really matter – family, friends and general enjoyment of life itself. If it is affecting those areas, it’s time to quit and look elsewhere.

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