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If you make the decision to travel to Whitby, it will lead you to a fantastic holiday or maybe weekend breaks to this charming seaside town. Whitby pastimes consist of fishing, crabbing, and general relaxation. Whitby has become very well known due to national press exposure and was rated the best UK day break in 2008.

The Old and the New Whitby

Well-placed in stunning scenery within the North York Moors National Park, Whitby has become a popular tourist town that combines traditional values with contemporary style. A wave of cool bars, restaurants and fancy cafes sit on cobbled streets, wedged in between traditional chippies and historic jet makers. You can still see the fish being brought in from the boats if you’re an early riser. There have been many changes in the way of modernization over the past few years and Whitby now has something for everyone.


Whitby has a deep and rich history, stories and ghosts and ghouls, Dracula, hidden riches, Captain Cook, and the list goes on. A quick walk around the town and you will get an insight into the town’s history. One of the most well known visitors of Whitby is recent times was Bram Stoker, who went on to write his global best seller Dracula, taking inspiration from Whitby Abbey and the surrounding area. Today there are many celebrations to enjoy in Whitby, some of these include The Whitby Regatta and the famous Whitby Goth Weekend.

Best UK Day Break Town

Tourism is booming today in Whitby, it gets quite a bit of good press from newspapers, magazines and TV coverage, and considering its win as the best UK day break in 2008; the town continues to develop its contribution for the growing visitor numbers.

Whitby Water

But like all old towns, there are certain services that need updating and one of vital concern to all, is the quality of the drinking water. Yorkshire Water will be commencing this upgrade on the 26th September, and the works will continue right through to March 2017. When you consider that there are 13 km of underground water pipes to be replaced in 40 streets, it’s a mammoth task.

To allay any fears that residents may have, no work will be carried out during the famous Goth Weekend and your Christmas will not be disturbed by the sound of construction works going on outside your front door. There will be no work from December 5th until early January.

A comprehensive traffic management system will help residents and visitors negotiate any road closures.

Residents will agree that having the best water quality for drinking is an important improvement for this beautiful little town and will help to assure its future as one of the top places for people to visit on weekends and other holidays.

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