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Most entrepreneurial people are motivated, driven and have little time for some of the simpler pleasures of life. With their minds going at speeds of Mach 4, they find it difficult to sit down with a good book, a glass of wine, some cheese, olives and crackers and switch off long enough to relax. They are the people that wake up in the wee, early hours of the morning after about 5 hours sleep and immediately their minds are in gear. Thinking, calculating, planning and picturing different scenarios in their minds.

Whew! It sounds like an excellent recipe for burn out if you’re continually putting yourself under pressure, operating at stress levels. You need to find an outlet, a valve that you can unplug and let off a bit of steam. The problem is that you have dedicated yourself to make money and if you pursue something that can ease the stress, it usually costs money.

What are some of the ways you can mentally take your shoes off and lay back on the sofa and relax? Speed is one way. Get yourself into something and drive fast. You can do that two ways. Either physically get yourself to a racetrack at which you can hire a sports racing car and drive as fast as you can around the circuit. Or, sit in front of a TV screen, plug in your accelerator pedals and steering wheel, and do a simulation race online or use one of those gaming accounts. It can be quite exhilarating driving a car around a racetrack from the comfort of your home or at a game centre.

Another method is a bit of gambling. Racehorses at the racetrack. Have a punt on a few nags and enjoy the open air and the atmosphere that you will find at a place like Ascot or one of the lesser tracks. If you want a bit of company and you can talk business at the same time, a game of poker is a great remedy for a chance to let off steam and relax. Another option is to go to a casino and play slot machines, roulette or craps. Doing that sort of thing in the comfort of your home is a better option these days.

Pharaoh's Treasure

Online gaming is a big thing and if your mind was working as an entrepreneur, it should have been something to think about. Once you login to these sites there are countless games you can play. The names are an attraction themselves but the graphics and the colours and the lights are enough to get you in. Games like Pharaoh’s Treasure, Megapots, Judge Dredd, Pixies of the Forest and Spartacus are the creations of very imaginative minds. One of the more attractive aspects of dabbling in a bit of online gaming is that you could actually win! While it might not meet the standards of an investment plan, it sure satisfies the standards for having a bit of fun!

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