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Picking a tie can be very tricky, but there are many colour trends coming up this year. iif you tailor your colours to fit with these trends, you could just be on to a winner.

Colour of the Year

As you may or may not know, the pantone colour of the year this year is Ultra Violet. If you wish to have a great all year-round tie, that shows you know your style, picking a tie with this colour in it is a good idea.

Vogue Trends

According to VOGUE, this spring/summer there will be two directions of trend: Strong and Vibrant Palettes, in contrast to pastel and light ethereal shades.

Here is their list of colours to include in your clothing this spring/summer:

  • Lavender: this pastel shade is said to dominate the whole summer season, so this is a key colour.
  • Purple: In line with pantone’s colour of the year Ultra Violet
  • Rapture Rose: This princess-like intense shade is a suggested shade that should be paired with light fabrics.
  • Sky Blue: This can brighten up your suit and help you create a calm and professional look.
  • Light Green: A delicate and fresh natural colour in a slight pastel form.
  • Military Green: A classic colour that is often considered as a natural hue, in-line with beige. A subtle and classic tie colour suggestion for someone who doesn’t want to stand out.
  • Milk White: Warm and full, gives an exotic sense to your outfit.
  • Chocolate Brown: intense and enveloping, an alternative to black.
  • Yellow: Bright energizing tones, wonderful when paired with silver.
  • Tomato Red: Bold and fresh. Make an entrance.

How Can I Include These Colours Into My Tie?

  • Block Colour: You can make a statement by picking a tie in the singular chosen colour, this makes you stand out and would be a definite fashion hit.
  • Stripes: Using stripes, you can mix together multiple of the trending colours, or overlay one or two over a neutral and less vibrant colour. This way you can create subtle style elements.
  • Other Patterns: You need to be careful which colours and patterns you use together; otherwise you could turn a fashion statement into a fashion failure. A good tip is to use, a mixture of dark and bright colours, or stick to a colour theme (using either two contrasting colours against a neutral colour or a range of harmonious colours).
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