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Not all employees are created equal. Some come to work still half asleep while others get into the office having already exercised, read emails, made to-do lists and prepared their own lunch. So what can you do as an employer to encourage more of the second type of employees rather than the first? While you may think that it’s just in a person’s nature if they’re going to be a high-performance employee or not, there actually are steps you can take to help encourage consistently high-functioning employees.

Build Trust

If your employees don’t feel safe and comfortable in the workplace, the chances of them giving you their best effort is pretty slim. According to Carla Turchetti, a contributor to American Express, one of the first and greatest things you can do to have better employees is to build trust. This trust is best built by treating your employees as if they were entrepreneurs for your company, meaning you trust, empower and motivate them to always do their best. By treating them more as partners and valued members of your team rather than just your employees, you’re building the trust they need to feel inspired to give you their all.

Health Matters

Not only is the emotional health of your employees important for performing at a high level, but their physical health comes into play as well. According to Chad Brooks of, employees who don’t eat well and exercise regularly or are frequently ill are more likely to have lower job performance, be gone more often, feel less fulfillment at work and many other negative feelings.

To encourage your employees to be healthier both at work and in their free time, you may want to consider starting workplace health programs to help get them started. Begin instituting a health and wellness program associated with their medical insurance and hold company events based around being active. You should also keep your office as clean as possible and encourage healthy practices like washing hands and sanitizing work stations to help your employees avoid getting sick at work.

Help Them Find the Right Mentality

A lot of being a high-performing employee has to do with having the right frame of mind. Without the mental fortitude to try your best at all times at work, functioning at a high level just isn’t likely to happen. Glenn Llopis, a contributor to, shares that people can work on sustaining a high performance mentality by knowing their direct competitors, executing on their visions for growth and change, holding themselves accountable and more. By doing these things, your employees will be right on track mentally for functioning at a much higher performance level at work.

Regardless of the work that’s being done, that work will accomplish more faster if the worker is performing to the best of their ability. Use the tips mentioned above to help encourage your employees to always work at a high level to benefit both themselves and the company.

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