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In focus today is Envieq, an environmental equipment store and although your particular business or project may or may not necessarily be related to this specific market, our focus on Envieq highlights just why it’s important to source your equipment and raw materials from an industry-specific specialist. Granted if you perhaps weren’t all too patient in your running of an internet search for a specialist supplier you’d find yourself settling for solutions which are offered by many different suppliers, but then you’d really be missing out on all the tangible advantages of sourcing from one specialist supplier whose sole focus is on that specific industry.

While I am definitely going to get into some detail about each of these advantages of buying from an industry-specific supplier, if I was to summarily list them they would all stem from one major fact, which is that an industry-specific supplier boasts extensive technical knowledge on all the elements which come together to make up that industry. What that translates to are cheaper prices on all goods and related services, higher quality products and services in spite of their cheaper prices, great pre- and after-sales service on all goods and services the supplier offers, as well as expert advice on the best products and services to choose.

Cheaper Prices

If you head over to and you take a look around at any of the products they offer, what you’ll immediately realise is that some of the brand names they carry from manufacturers which are available through other outlets tend to be cheaper on this particular platform. That’s the advantage carried by them because of the fact that they’re specialist stockists. Specialist carriers enjoy advantages such as building up stronger relationships with the original equipment manufacturers they work with, resulting in a position of power when they negotiate prices. Therefore the reduced wholesale prices are passed on to the end-clients in the form of savings (reduced retail prices).

Higher Quality Products & Services

This advantage stems from the basic consideration of how a specialist provider of certain equipment only really has one shot to make their mark and so they go out of their way to stock the highest quality products. Beyond that however, it’s about variety as much as it is about quality. If you have a specific budget to work with but you still want to enjoy the advantage of choice, something like a 101B Model SOLONIST water level meter makes for just one of many choices, while if you had a bigger budget to work with you might be pointed in the direction of something more multi-purpose perhaps, like the 122M Oil/Water interface meter from the same manufacturer.

Pre-Sales & After-Sales Service

Pre- and post-sales service is unrivalled if required and obtained from the likes of Envieq, an advantage which is simply an extension of the manufacturer-supplier relationship which is unique to a specialist carrier and their suppliers. A regular buyer (the supplier) means regular business for the manufacturers, which means the manufacturers are able to offer special conditions to these suppliers, such as extended product warranties and more flexible returns policies, etc.

Expert Advice

Finally, a specialist carrier of market-specific equipment is synonymous with offering expert advice to go with the wide range of solutions they offer and this is simply as a result of the retailer making it their business to be well acquainted with the market/industry. As a client you might perhaps not know exactly what equipment you’d need to purchase for a specific task you need to get done, for example, in which instance a simple liaison with the likes of Envieq could have you walking away with the best solution at the best price – such as for example buying an Abyss 12V sampling pump over a pneumatic one and vice-versa, if that is indeed the best and most cost effective solution for you, whether you had prior knowledge of that or not.