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As soon as an online broker starts generating buzz, two things happen: hordes of users flock to the website, and skeptics come out of the woodwork, questioning the service’s reliability and authenticity. As EzTrader’s popularity grows, many people are asking themselves, “Is EzTrader a scam?” We are here to answer the question. The short answer? A resounding “NO!”

EzTrader profile
EzTrader has been around for years and has built a high reputation in the binary options trading business online. Its scope of trades, straightforward cash operations, and high-quality UI/UX have kept professional ratings as well as user satisfaction consistently high. There is little room for doubts and second thoughts here: if you have decided to give binary options trading a go, EzTrader is a great place to do it. As a fully regulated broker with operations across Europe and Asia, it is your safe bet in an otherwise volatile trading branch. You do, of course, have the option to check out other brokers if you are looking in other trading circles like cryptocurrencies. For example, you may want to check out GKFX Broker Erfahrungen to see what they are about and how they could fit into your trading techniques.

Usability and signup
The EzTrader platform is compartmentalised neatly under several clear headings. You can click around with complete access to all website features before you decide to set up your trader account. The process of signing up is fairly standard and also includes a short questionnaire which taps into your knowledge and experience when it comes to the stock market and also inquiries about your intentions when using the platform. We found this to be a pleasant departure from the usual “username – password – email” signup procedure. It solidifies the impression of EzTrader as a serious online broker.

Cash in and cash out
A chief source of grief for people in the online broker industry is slow or downright shady pay-in and pay-out practices. As a fully regulated and professionally managed service, however, EzTrader keeps financial matters clear and easy. It supports a variety of direct transfer, credit card, and e-wallet payment solutions, and it delivers quick payouts to the banking option of your choice. Binary options trading is about making a profit in the end, and EzTrader makes sure you can get your gains whenever you wish and as painlessly as possible.

Garden variety of trades
EzTrader lets you trade in commodities, currencies, and major stocks. You can follow the standard process or go for the ultra-quick 60-second trades. When you determine your trade of choice, you can base your decision to call or put on thorough statistics on its previous value fluctuations, and you can get a little crowdsourced help via the Social Trends panel, which informs you how fellow traders handled this dilemma.

Educational resources
Before you dive into the actual trading, we highly recommend that you go through EzTrader’s Education Centre and make use of its glossary, tutorials, and other materials to guide you through the binary options jungle. The quality and abundance of educational material there confirms the impression that this broker wants you to have a good time trading and ultimately succeed at it.

The final verdict

So, is EzTrader a scam? Not in the least! We highly recommend it.
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