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Energy is set to become more expensive, both gas and electricity costs are increasing extromonically. Well, not really. It highly depends on various factors. Basically, if people could use clean energy like solar power, geothermal power, and fuels like propane, the depletion of fossil fuels can reduce to a great extent. Additionally, a few changes can also be adopted on an industrial level. Energy-producing industries, for instance, could utilize Uranium (yielded through Uranium Mining), and the world may not face fuel and energy issues for ages. However, acquiring such high-energy standards may take time and resources, but until then, people can try on a personal level to save energy. With this said, you’ll want to opt for a more sustainable energy option for personal as well as business usage. There can be various green energy alternatives, from ducted heat pumps to solar panel installation and EV home chargers. We’ll reveal our top three recommendations for business and home sustainable energy.

Install a ducted heat pump instead of a heater and air conditioner

Now heat pumps, alone, are the most sustainable option for heating and cooling your home and business as they utilise advanced technology as opposed to burning fossil fuels. This sustainability is amplified by installing a ducted heat pump due to one unit maintaining the entire house’s temperature at a significantly faster rate through stylish vents in the ceiling. This results in needing to have the ducted heat pump on for less time than a standard heat pump.

A key benefit of ducted heat pumps is that they can act as a heater during the winter months and an air conditioner as the temperature gets hotter.

Switch to solar energy with solar panel installation

You can save a significant amount of money through solar panels.The solar panel installation can cost you in the thousands but this pays off, and then some. On average, solar panels tend to pay themselves off over approximately 12 years of use. However, this is likely less with the ilmenite rise in energy and fuel. The solar power generated is enough to run your entire household for free as the energy is transferred from the sun through solar panel inverters into usable energy. If you are wondering, how solar panels can power HVAC appliances like air conditioners, installing a sufficient number of solar panels can generate enough electricity to make sure that your A/Cs and heaters wouldn’t turn off. It would be essential to do the proper maintenance of these appliances, which could help you to save electricity. For this, you can reach out to a company such as Albert Culver Company ( or similar ones in your vicinity and get the necessary requirements fixed. Coming back to solar panels, in order to decide the number of panels needed, you can make sure that you have the necessary information in regards to electricity consumption. That can help you decide on the number of panels.

Each household and business premise will need a different number of solar panels, and a different design due to diverse building layouts. The higher investment cost means it’s recommended that you shop around and get a quote from multiple solar panel companies for the installation of solar panels, solar power inverter and solar power battery. Simply search up your local area such as “solar panels auckland nz” and request quotes.

Invest in electric vehicles and a business and home EV charger

As with Tesla and other car brands releasing electric vehicles, more and more drivers are making the switch or becoming intrigued. In just 20 years, electric vehicles will be the norm and gas-run vehicles will be the minority on the roads. A thing of the past. This is because electric vehicles are cheaper for your pocket to run and they reduce your carbon footprint. If you are in the fleet business, you might want to take note of this for the sustainability aspirations of your company. Consider approaching an electric vehicle consulting firm to understand how you can make the transition to a zero-emission fleet. These consultants can help you understand what kind of new policy, automotive and transport planning should be done for implementing and managing optimised zero-emissions transport fleets and energy infrastructure. As for individuals, you can blindly turn to electrical vehicles, for it is better in terms of usability and sustainability.

EV charging stations are far less easy to come by than your standard petrol stations. For this reason, business premise and home EV chargers are the solution. Trickle charging your vehicle with your EV home charger is in fact better for your vehicle than charging the full amount. There are various types of chargers you can opt for – from Wallbox to Delta. Enquire with home EV charger providers in your local area as each location will have their own EV charging station brands.

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