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If I had to pick one area in life that matters most to men, dating would be it.

Why? Because our success when it comes to dating or a relationship is a brutally honest reflection of ourselves that we cannot run away from.

Nothing can shine a light on and expose our strengths, flaws, confidence level, or self-worth more, than the thoughts we have about ourselves when we see an attractive woman.

And the truth that you’ll eventually realize is this! The people around you, including women, see you as you see yourself. This would help you get the attention from the woman you want, which could lead to dating.

It’s not easy to make things work even after you get into a relationship. You may need to constantly strive to become better in every aspect of the relationship and grow together with your partner.

Whether through communication or compromise, it is essential to make sure that both partners are happy and have their needs met.

This could be especially true when you both are exploring sexual intimacy and that it is consensual and respectful for both parties. Along with that, it should be fun and exciting, which can be done with the help of role play, kinky gifts, or through sensual videos (available on platforms like SEXM.XXX).

So attracting the kind of woman you want, is dependent upon becoming the man you want to be.

And as you’ll see here today, there are few better guides or mentors in the world that you could have on your side here today, than Tucker.

What he’s going to share with you on what to do and say on a date towards the end of this episode is priceless, and quite possibly the most valuable advice I’ve ever heard on this particular topic.

So if you’re a single man, or if you know one, please listen carefully and pass this along to them. You’ll be a better man for it, and the future women in your life will thank you for it.

Here is Tucker Max, on how to become a man that women want.

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