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A few weeks ago, we published an article about the extreme importance of creating a unique and distinguishable brand name/image as your new company is emerging. In addition to a logo, colour scheme, mission statement, etc. a very large part of your brand’s image is actually how you present yourself in a professional setting. Your personal image will depend largely on your industry and colleagues, but there are always a few general guidelines to follow. Here we hope to help you brand yourself, and improve your company’s image.

Walk the Walk

If you want to call yourself a businessman, you need to carry yourself like a businessman. While some entrepreneurs are lucky enough to walk around in flip-flop sandals, shorts and a Tommy Bahama beach shirt, most cannot. Check out the attire Boden offers in order to freshen and polish your look. Groupon also has great deals for Boden. Have a nice variety in your wardrobe so that no matter the occasion, you can fit the role. You should have a formal suit or two, a lot of semi-formal, and a few casual outfits. This way you’ll be covered everywhere from the golf course to the board room!

Talk the Talk

If you expect to be successful, you need to know what is going on with your business and be able to prove it if somebody questions you. Study your books, do regular counts and balancing, know your profits and margins, etc. If you don’t know the basics about your company and somebody calls you out, your entire brand is going to look like a failure. If you are walking around looking like a businessman and acting like a businessman, you sure as hell better know your business!

Network Around

Once you feel comfortable with yourself, as well as your brand’s image, get out there and let it be known; you have arrived and you’re making a statement! Speak with confidence when making new connections and always be positive. Avoid down talking the competition, and focus on why you are the best option… You have a business and you know what you want, now it’s up to you to get it!

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