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In a rather amazing turn of events, I got walked through a rather unusual number of first-hand accounts of witnesses to the exploits of newly-minted lottery winners, all of which happened over the course of just one week. I’ll give the situation the benefit of the doubt and conclude that it wasn’t just all part of some elaborate marketing scheme, but rather that it was indeed a coincidence, but if I’m to get even the slightest bit spiritual about it I’ll take it as a sign.

I don’t think it’s so much as a sign that I’ll probably win the lottery anytime soon, although I do religiously play a consistently chosen set of numbers which I hope will one day have me joining the ranks of these rather interesting stories of lottery winners. Rather, I think it’s a sign that one should keep believing good things will happen to them!

The primary school kid carryover-jackpot winner

So I was alerted to this development by my niece whose schoolmate actually won the lottery proper and not just any jackpot, but a jackpot that had rolled-over twice since nobody had picked out the winning set of numbers on the preceding two draws. How about that for a lightning strike? The girl isn’t in my niece’s class and she rather refreshingly told me she wouldn’t be making any extra efforts to befriend her just because she’s now a millionaire, but she knows enough about her situation to relay to me some interesting details of the story.

Apparently the kid’s parents were known by the convenience store keeper to play the lotto, so when she bought the tickets the shopkeeper thought she was buying them for her parents, when in actual fact she had been buying them for herself. How do you think her parents feel about this?

Well rumour has it they’re willing to overlook the fact that some underage gambling was essentially going on here (who wouldn’t though?) and they’re effectively in charge of the winnings since their daughter can’t exactly go and claim them for herself.

I suppose if word spreads further about this there’ll be a lot more parents who at the very least solicit their kids to help them pick out potential winning numbers!

The double lottery winning fireman who still goes to work

How about this for some stupid, stupid, sick luck? A local fireman whom I actually know personally apparently won the lottery twice in a row, yet he still goes to work every single day on which he has a shift, showing up on time and doing the same stellar job he’s been known for, for the past 14 years!

The national lottery results centre confirms that there are indeed two winners of the recent draws and that the winnings were in actual fact paid out to the same person, so word around town is that our local fireman is putting up a facade and coming in to work as a cover-up of the fact that he’s a newly-minted multimillionaire. I would otherwise not believe this hey, but knowing him personally through our brief interactions over the years, I’d say that sounds exactly like something he’d do!

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