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I was reading the other day about brand-new illness, well, not that brand-new, it probably went under a different name before, but people, particularly psychologists, love giving tags to different things. This illness was called Money Sickness Syndrome. It’s caused by having too much concern over your finances and the resultant stress is affecting your life. With some of the articles that I have here tried to show my readers different ways that they might be able to save money on just normal, daily activities.

If you have ever read through forums in finance magazines or money magazines, they are always full of bad luck stories, or bad decision stories, about how people can quickly lose their money. Apart from the fact that there are some real business sharks out there that are always looking for an easy victim, if you practise due diligence on every moneymaking scheme that is presented to you, you will probably come out okay. There is a saying that there is a sucker born every minute and unfortunately, it’s true.

If you wanted a sweet, simple way to add to your income, here is an idea that might sound silly at first, but just hear me out. Let me start by asking you a question. How many apps do you have on your iPad or phone? All you do is press an icon and you get a game, business, a service, or something that you find useful which was the reason you downloaded the app in the first place. If you ever come up with a good idea you can always take it to App Developers UK and run that little plan by them. With the hundreds of thousands of apps that are being created on a daily basis, surely you can come up with a simple idea that will be of some help to somebody. Of course, creating an app for your own business is an even smarter move.

It’s not that hard finding somebody that can help you put together an application. Just take a look through you will easily find a reputable company that has the properly trained staff who can help you get your idea off the ground and into somebody’s device. A friend of mine runs a specialist furniture business in which he makes Chesterfield lounges. That’s a really specialist market, but he was still able to go to one of the best app development companies and have his app as a downloadable icon and available for other people to see.

I don’t always want to be flogging ideas to you about how to save money and in this case I hope I’ve given you a little bit of motivation to go out and think about something that might make you some money. There is no difficulty in the creation of an app, it really is a matter of having the right idea in your head and being able to find somebody competent enough to extract it, design it, and produce it.

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