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Voice recorders are useful devices for recording sounds and have been widely available on the market for some time now. They are usually used by journalists to create voice notes and record interviews. They also come in handy for documenting business meetings as vital pieces of information may be archived and analysed afterwards as needed. Are you aware, however, that there is also another type of voice recorders, intended for discreet and unnoticeable listening-in? Read on to get more information on the camouflaged spy voice recorders.

Why choose a spy voice recorder

This type of a sound recording device may definitely prove useful in many situations of everyday life. In some professions creating voice memos is a must, like for already mentioned journalists but also writers, scholars or scientists. A good quality device fits well in a pocket or bag, is light and can record even a whisper in high quality so you can be positive that nothing gets past it. It could be very helpful for students who can record lectures and listen to them while preparing for exams.

This is also a great tool to check on your partner, children or employees. You may leave a spy voice recorder in your bedroom and hear what’s going on when you are not there. Or in your kids’ room when their friends are visiting, and be able to react before something irresponsible happens. A disguised voice recorder can also be used in a workplace to monitor employees or co-workers and obtain a valid proof of their misconducts.

Extensive range of features

A voice recorder for spying ought to be portable, miniature, well camouflaged, resistant to damage and should have additional features facilitating surveillance. Except for its main function, which is recording sounds in its surroundings, it can be equipped with a replaceable memory card, be activated with sound, may support Bluetooth, encrypt data or even enable real-time listening-in due to an installed Wi-Fi module. A spy voice recorder may be concealed in an ordinary looking everyday object like a watch, a pen or a remote control – perfect for discreet sound recording in your house or at the office.

Professional spy voice recorders feature very long working time, remarkable quality of recordings and large memory. The range of their microphone is wide, they can be activated with sound or record according to a predefined schedule. Some are also protected with a password so that they cannot be used by unauthorised persons.  Want to know more? Read here:

Choose a model suiting your needs

If you need a device to use at school or to record notes, choose a simple model that is affordable, user-friendly and small. For more demanding recordings, go for professional devices that stamp collected data with date and time, so it can be presented as a piece of evidence in a court of law. For discreet listening-in at your house or office, the best will be an inconspicuous device camouflaged in an everyday object with longer recording time and preferably unlimited operating time, so you do not need to worry about changing batteries.

These gadgets were mostly known from spy films but now are available to everyone, amateurs looking for a simple yet reliable device to use at work, and professionals looking for high efficiency and advanced features. What makes spy voice recorders so popular among various users? They are affordable, highly functional, versatile and not complicated to use – see for yourself!

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