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Impressions count for a lot when it comes to business. Making a bad one could close some doors for a time. Making a great one could get you an early start on a partnership that takes your business to a new strength. You never know what benefits someone might provide to your business down the line. That’s why it’s good to always make a good impression. It shows your professionalism, your character and that you’re not just another self-absorbed entrepreneur. Below, we take a look at some of the key tips on making a good impression, from how you present to how you behave.


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Keeping up appearances

We’re a shallow lot. That means we’re going to judge people on appearances. Consciously or unconsciously, whether we want to or not. So maintaining your own appearance is more important than you might think. This matters from how you dress to even what mail forwarding service you use for your company. Why use a mail forwarding service? Believe it or not, even location is a part of giving the appearance you need. If your company has a London based address, you’re more likely to get taken seriously as a business.


Of course, if they’re coming to see your office in the flesh, then you need it to be representing you properly, as well. Keep a tidy, well-decorated office. You want to show prestige as well as organisation. Even if you don’t have one, it can be a good idea to rent your own serviced office. Much less likely to put doubt in the mind of any visitors than, say, working from a café.


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Body language

How we communicate non-verbally is just an important part as what we say. Body language has all sorts of uses in show we feel and think in certain situations. If it’s a good impression you want, confident body language like holding your chin shows engagement. Meanwhile, crossing your arms can appear conflicting. Unless you’ve managed a good rapport, in which case it actually increases your creative and critical thinking. Posture’s important, too, so no slouching.


Part of making a good impression is knowing what’s acceptable and what’s frowned on. That’s the whole basis of learning the correct business etiquette. For one, timeliness is extremely important. Even if others are late, prove you value someone’s time by not wasting it. Modern people tend to interrupt constantly without too much hassle. If you do this in a business situation, however, you can be sure all the other parties in the conversation will notice.


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Besides being professional and courteous, being likeable is going to open a lot of doors for you. People will always value business sense above all else. But if they’re making a tough decision involving you, being liked could push the balance in your favour. Mastering positive behaviour even in dire times is a great way of showing the kind of strength that makes you more easily admired and liked. Be engaged in what’s actually being talked about, even if it’s not your most passionate subject. That’s sure to win you quite a few brownie points, too.


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