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If you have a trade show coming up, you probably already appreciate just how important the quality of your promotional items can be. One of the best ways to make those promotional items count is by opting for something eco-friendly.

People simply prefer businesses that know how to keep their environmental footprint in check, so coming up with eco friendly and sustainable display ideas for your next trade show might not be such a bad idea. After all, making sure that everything is eco-friendly can really help you to stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few ways to make sure what you’re giving away is great for the environment.

Go with Something Reusable

Firstly, go with something that can be reused. Providing something that is going to be thrown away after just a single use isn’t really great for Mother Earth; even if the product itself was made in an eco-friendly fashion, it’s still going to have to go to landfill or consume more products when recycled. Of course, reusable products are always ideal from a marketing point of view since they will stay with your potential customers for longer.

Include Disposal Instructions

Whatever you’re giving away will need to be thrown away eventually, whether in ten minutes or ten years. With that in mind, make sure you let your customers know how to dispose of their items. This doesn’t mean that you need to print out a booklet or give people a lecture, but you can simply see that instructions are printed in small but clear letters on the item itself. For example, if you are giving away cotton or jute tote bags, you can leverage embroidery and printing options to ensure that along with your unique brand design, there are also a few instructions printed out in tiny lettering on the bag, so that your customers know exactly what to do with them. Take a look at these guys to see how you can get bags printed with custom embroidery.

Use Something That Can Be Recycled

Above all else, make sure that what you give away can actually be recycled. The fact is that not all promotional items are going to be kept; even the best gifts will be quickly disposed of by a few customers – it’s just part of the giveaway game. Make sure you plan ahead by ensuring that everything you give away isn’t simply going to rot in a landfill if it isn’t used.

Promotional items are incredibly important when you go to a trade show, but there’s no reason to harm the environment through your marketing efforts. If you’d like something both practical and eco-friendly, we suggest checking out the environmentally-conscious bags found around the internet and in many eco-friendly shops.

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