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Having a job is good. Having a career is great. But being able to advance from your current role to an even better position within your field or company is a goal suited for those who truly value and respect both their own life goals and the goals of those they work with. However, this is often easier said than done, especially when the economy and job market aren’t booming. So what can you do to help further your career at a quicker pace and find even more professional success?

Gain All the Real-Life Knowledge You Can

While gaining a formal education is crucial for many in the workforce, the importance of real-life knowledge and on-the-job training can’t be stressed enough. Mentorships and job shadowing a great way for you to get inside knowledge about either your company or your field from someone who has already achieved what your goals are. By becoming an apprentice, you’ll receive the knowledge you need in order to be successful without having to go through all the hardships, challenges, and years of personal experience others go through. Look for these opportunities at every chance.

Learn the Techniques of Timeboxing

Mastering the art of timeboxing, especially with the aid of timeboxing apps, is essential for career advancement. Timeboxing involves setting specific, focused time limits for tasks or projects, enhancing productivity and efficiency. This technique aids in meeting deadlines and fosters a better work-life balance. By allocating dedicated time to prioritize critical tasks, individuals showcase organizational skills and the ability to manage workloads effectively. This disciplined approach demonstrates a commitment to productivity, a trait highly valued in professional growth. Employers appreciate those who can navigate tasks within defined timeframes, showcasing both efficiency and strategic planning. Embracing timeboxing not only propels personal efficiency but positions individuals as valuable assets within their field or company, fostering the potential for upward mobility and career success.

Showcasing the Right Traits

Although personality isn’t everything when it comes to career success, having the right attributes shown to your superiors will definitely make your corporate journey easier on you. According to Steve Tobak, a contributor to, executives and managers want to promote people who showcase traits like initiative, courage, determination, innovation, honesty and accountability. If you’re able to adequately practice and hone these skills in your professional life, there’s nothing to stop you from impressing your boss and getting that career-advancing position you want.

Bonus Tip: Create Meaningful Work Relationships

We’ve all heard the old adage that finding success is all about who you know. Well, in the workforce, that’s not too far from the truth. Having meaningful work relationships with important career contacts can be the difference between you being considered for your dream position and your resume being filed away in a slush pile.

To create the most advantageous work relationships, Katherine Reynolds Lewis, a contributor to, advises workers to seek diversity in their networking. Don’t just shoot for a relationship with the CEO; getting to know co-workers with less prestigious jobs but with more seniority than you could be equally important in the long run.

While there’s no substitute for doing your job effectively and proving your loyalty and dedication to your company, there are additional things you can do to ensure you get your dream position in your field of work. Use the tips mentioned above to help you along your way to ultimate professional success.

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