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When planning to sell property, it is common to find owners making improvement to increase its value. Typically, this is the best way to go especially if the residence has not been renovated over an extended period.

Even then, if you are not careful, some of the improvements that may seem logical to you may end up being the reason they stay in the market for a long time with no willing buyer.

To ensure that you spend money in areas that will add value, it is important to be aware of areas that will do the opposite when given priority.

Expert UK property buying firm Ready Steady Sell have provided us with some of the things you should avoid when renovating with the aim of adding value to your home.

  • Elimination of closet space

In some cases, renovations need more space than anticipated resulting in the need to remove some fittings in the home to accommodate them. However, storage spaces like closets are important and should not be substituted if you want to retain or upgrade the value of the home. In fact, if possible, add closet space in the rooms to make the home more appealing to buyers looking for living spaces in the property market.

  • Converting garage into a room

Among the features that potential buyers look for in a home is the amount of storage space is available. Even then, before converting the garage into a room think about an alternative parking space that is available. Research has shown that homes with designated garage spaces are more important for families than when it is converted into an extra room.

  • Use of “over the top” renovation materials

Making a house feel like a home usually involves the use of decorative materials that appeal to a homeowner and potential buyers alike. However, if they are used in an excessive manner it can result in a look that is unappealing to buyers. Thus, you will do well to adopt improvements that are acceptable across the board or those that can be removed when selling the property. You can always compromise on materials and still get a great effect, like these Duropal Worktops which are really nice and well priced.

  • DIY renovations

When planning to sell property, the first step is always to make improvements so that it looks better and thus fetches a good price when sold.  Avoid doing the renovations yourself as a way of cutting back on costs as the result is always not up to standard that negatively affects the overall value of property when it is being sold. It is advisable to have the renovations done by professionals to ensure that the result is satisfactory both to you and your target market.

Overall, do research on the best improvements to do on your property from local property companies and over the internet to help you make a better decision.

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