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You’ve almost certainly heard of Bluetooth – it’s a high-speed, short-range way of exchanging data wirelessly. Though most commonly associated with smartphones and tablets, Bluetooth is included with most PDAs, computers, and other handheld electronics.

What you might not know is how vulnerable Bluetooth can leave those devices. There are several problems associated with Bluetooth, and ‘Bluesnarfing’ is one of the most common. It sounds slightly comical, but bluesnarfing is a serious issue that involves the theft of data from your wireless device. It’s typically very difficult to spot that a bluesnarfing attack is under way, so high-value data can leak through your fingertips while you remain completely oblivious.

Apart from Bluetooth, several apps also tend to steal data from devices while the user is unaware of the situation. However, there are tools that can help protect against this type of security breach and perform a mobile app security audit. These can alert the user to applications that may cause problems or lead to information leakage. The same is true for the Bluetooth issues. The mobile app security testing market includes products that protect businesses and individuals from threats on iOS and Android devices.

Talking about the Bluetooth problems, there are several ways you can protect your company devices against bluesnarfing attacks.

Turn Off Discovery Mode

On most devices, discovery modes are activated by default, and people generally don’t turn those modes off. Turning off discovery modes is the first and most important step you should take against bluesnarfing. Keep your device invisible to prevent malicious users finding it in the first place.

Use an Anti-Bluesnarfing Tool

If your devices contain sensitive data, it’s wise to consider investing in an anti-bluesnarfing tool. These tools configure your device to detect any unauthorized Bluetooth connections, alerting you to potential attacks so you can take action. While there are free bluesnarfing tools available online, they may not provide sufficient protection, especially for businesses dealing with sensitive data. Instead, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a reputable cyber security company Calgary or your local area to obtain effective tools for protecting your data.

Only Turn Bluetooth On When You Need It

At the end of the day, bluesnarfing cannot take place if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth turned on. Most of us don’t even use Bluetooth on a regular basis, so get into the habit of turning it on only when you actually need it.

Update Your Devices

People tend to put off updating their devices. If you want to protect yourself against potential bluesnarfing attacks, make sure you and your staff update regularly. The fact is that older Bluetooth-enabled phones and PDAs will have loopholes that malicious users are aware of and able to exploit to their own advantage.

In conclusion, mobile app security testing is crucial for businesses and individuals alike in today’s digital world. By conducting security audits and addressing issues such as Bluetooth problems, we can protect our devices and sensitive information from potential threats. It is important to take proactive measures such as turning off discovery modes, using anti-bluesnarfing tools, and updating our devices regularly to stay secure.

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