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Make no mistake about it, quitting your full time job so that you can work for yourself is a very big commitment and you’ll be in for a really bumpy ride. So in this particular post I’m going to draw your attention to what’s in store for you, not to scare you but just to prepare you for what’s to come.

I mean if anything, I’m all for going your own route. There’s a reason why so many people are looking to do so and there are many more reasons why more and more people are taking the leap. Working remotely is the new sexy and all the perks that come with the freedom of not having to clock in are well worth the effort to try and make it work. Though it won’t be an easy ride. You might get lucky and manage to find yourself a stable source of income, but for the most part you’ll be exploring ways to grow that income or perhaps try to carve out more passive income streams. It’s one thing being able to say that you work for yourself and don’t have a boss to answer to, but things are never quite as they seem with many people who are otherwise proud of the fact that they can work independently of any fixed location.

Just visit one of those classic co-working spaces in the likes of Chiang Mai and other so-called “Digital Nomad” hotspots, talk to the mostly freelancers and the most honest of them will tell you a story of how they perhaps spend more time working now than they did when they were employed on a full-time basis. For many people who work remotely that’s a trade-off they’re happy with, but it’s really not for everyone.

Some self-employed individuals level-up by starting their own businesses instead of working on a freelance or consultation basis, which naturally gives them a little bit more freedom depending on how automated that business is and how profitable it is. So that is indeed what you should otherwise be aiming for, even if in the interim to pay the bills you might take on some freelancing work. If your business is on autopilot mode, and you are able to manage all of your work remotely, you can even work as you travel to different places, locally or globally! You might finally have the time (and money) to take that road trip across Iceland by renting a camper van from the likes of (, or fly to all the top spots on your bucket list.

Other benefits you’ll have to give up or find a way to solicit yourself would include the likes of being able to use your job as some sort of security for any financing you might need. For example, a short-term loan from are for those who do indeed have a “payday” to put up as surety that they’ll be able to pay back the money they borrow. Otherwise while you still have the luxury of the option to get this sort of financing, you can perhaps use the credit you get to skill yourself in a manner which will broaden your horizons once you’ve gone solo. Something like a Smartphone repair course would do just fine and a good one can most definitely be covered by something like a payday loan, which you could perhaps use while you still have it as an option.

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