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Often viewed as a purely functional piece, paper bags are becoming an increasingly integral part of high fashion. From the catwalk to the high street. More brands are producing paper based clothing and accessories whilst most good high street retailers have made the switch to paper bags in their shops.

New paper/felt blended bags have proven to be both water resistant and fashionable  as well as being entirely vegan. The commitment of companies to eco-friendly courses has created a niche demand for fashionable paper bags.

What Brands Have introduced Paper Bags into Fashion?

Berlin-based start-up Paper has been touted as one of the future providers of fashionable paper bags; their backpack has already proven popular and doesn’t produce a carbon footprint. The bags are made from the fast-growing birch trees of Scandinavia which do not require as much water as cotton.

Menswear designer Jil Sander has also released a high-end paper bag which retails at £185. High fashion is often an industry viewed as less socially responsible and may be trying to break into the eco-friendly model. The understated nature of this bag may also be an attempt to align vegan products with high fashion.

There is an increasing range of fashionable options on offer; the paper shopping bags of high-end fashion houses such as Prada have seen an increase in the re-use of their bags. Part of this is due to the perception that paper bags are of a higher quality than plastic ones.

The increased perceived importance of the shopping bag as an accessory has led to more consumers saving and wearing them as a fashion item; this has created a new demand for luxury paper bags.

These branded paper shopping bags are a market in themselves and have a significant auction and resale value on sites like eBay. This has created another environmental benefit as not only are these products recycled but they are also being reused as well.

The future of Paper Bag Fashion

With the increasing demand of eco-friendly products there will likely be increased production of these fashionable paper bags; more start-up companies may try to create better more efficient paper products and the branding of the Italian fashion houses will continue to create demand for their fashionable paper shopping bags.

Even if the demand for these types of bags wanes their constant recyclability means they will continue to be produced and find use in the near future. Additionally, the increased government action on plastic and other non-recyclable products means demand for paper bags and other paper-based products is likely to increase.

Paper and eco-friendly materials are going to be used more in all areas of fashion.

For more information on the use of paper bags and their place in modern fashion visit The Paper Bag Co.

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