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It is estimated that 12million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans each year.
Even creatures living 7 miles beneath the sea have been found with plastic in their systems. As well as all other sea creatures digesting this toxic material, it makes it back onto our plate through them.

The health problems are most likely

The UK government has been considering a plastic tax for some time now.

In Ireland, a plastic tax was introduced in 2002 and has significantly reduced the amount of plastic that litters their streets, waters and countrysides. The hope is to achieve the same here, whether or not it is a very delayed response or not.

The 5p charge on plastic bags has seen an 85% reduction in their use over the period of 6 months.

If the government pushes on eco-friendly bags for shopping, re-usable containers and urges supermarkets to rethink their packaging methods, changes could be on way.

But instead of taxing supermarkets or manufacturing companies, the tax is said to be put on us. If we want to purchase products wrapped in single use plastic, or even disposable cups and containers, it will inevitably cost us more.

Whether this tax will have any effects is yet to see, for now you can do your bit by switching to paper bags or eco-friendly options to fit into your lifestyle.

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