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Content marketing is essential for just about any kind of business. In fact, according to data from HubSpot, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. The dental field isn’t an exception. Most dentists who try to start marketing online, grow frustrated because of the lackluster results produced with their efforts. However, before you throw in the towel and give up on marketing your dental practice, here are five dental marketing mistakes that you may be doing that you need to stop doing immediately.

Not Having a Website that Converts

Most dentists have a website for their dental practice, but a majority of them don’t convert new patients. Without a conversion-friendly design that sets your dental practice apart, new patients won’t be able to tell your site apart from the dozens of dentists in your area. You also have to have a site that is mobile friendly, because 57 percent of mobile phone users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site, according to SocPub.

Avoiding Your Reputation Online

Today, online users are paying close attention to the opinions of their peers online. With a growing number of outlets where consumers can vent their frustrations or express their gratitude for your practice, it’s essential for you to keep tabs on your online reputation. Poor feedback online can be a stumbling block because 88 percent of consumers trust online feedback as much as personal recommendations.

Ignoring Measurable Data

Many dentists use the same approach they use with their traditional advertising. Measuring your success and failure in your online marketing campaign is vital to the long-term achievements of your online marketing strategy. Having the right tools in place, you can grow your dental office with Patient Prism, and see exactly how your campaigns are working.

Expecting Results Overnight

When it comes to content marketing online, having unreasonable expectations is one of the most substantial mistakes you can make. If you set your goals and expectations too high, you will end up abandoning your efforts altogether if you miss your mark. You have to build a strong foundation before you start to see any result from your efforts. Developing a long-term marketing strategy can provide you with the quality and long-lasting results that will continue to grow with your practice for years.

Not Maintaining Your Website

If you’ve had your website for three to five years, it’s time for an upgrade. A dated site can reflect poorly on your dental skills. Along with ensuring your site is aesthetically appealing, it also has to be usable. User behaviors are always changing, and their attention spans are continually shrinking, which requires you to employ a more persuasive strategy when it comes to your digital marketing and website design.

If you make any of these five mistakes when it comes to your dental marketing efforts, you could spend $10,000 or more on a new website, writing the occasional blog post, and dabble with social media marketing and still not gain any new patients after two months. To get the conversions, you need to grow your dental practice; you need to develop a smart marketing strategy and avoid these five mistakes. If you’re struggling then it might be worth looking into dental consulting as they can help you with not only marketing but also the financial side of running a dental practice.

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