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When trying to get traffic to your website, the question is do you need customers or traffic. If you are not selling anything, then traffic is a wonderful thing; however, if you are looking for these visitors to buy your product or services, you want more than just traffic.

Now, here comes that word that many webmasters hate to hear – Marketing. Some webmasters do not want to spend hours learning how to market their website and content in order to convert traffic into paying customers. They may have spent some time learning the basic SEO techniques but just do not have the time or do not want to invest more time in learning more about marketing. The truth is that it is imperative to learn how to convert traffic into customers if they want to make sales. In just a few steps you can easily gain more customers without all the hours of learning all the tips and tricks of online marketing.

Marketing Goals

Before you can create your marketing plan, you need to first decide on your marketing goals. There are steps to take in order to create the marketing plan that will work for your business.

  1. Who are your potential Customers?
  2. Where can you find them online? The most popular sites are social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Even though you may know the answers to the above questions, you may still have a difficult time getting loads of traffic to your new blog, online store, or e-commerce business. It can take up to eight months for a blog to be recognized in the search results on the first three pages. Most people never go deeper than three pages to find what they are looking for in search results, thus if you are a new business online and you need customers in order to stay afloat and cannot wait eight months, it is time to learn how to convert any visitors you do receive into customers. Along with this, you need to market your business website or e-commerce site.

Tips and Tricks For Online Marketing

Facebook and LinkedIn ads are often a great way to bring traffic to your website with the hopes of grabbing your target niche. Even adding a Facebook page for your business and marketing it through your own personal page or joining groups in your niche to market your product or service can lead to more sales which usually turn into customers.

Write articles for websites that have a large number of readers in your specific niche. A couple of good examples that accept guest blog posts are Psychology Today which would be perfect for therapist and Business2Community whose audience are company owners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

The best way to bring in traffic that will convert to paying customers is to get your brand in their face. You must be able to get your products or services in front the right audience if you wish to make sales. No matter what niche you are in, you must go to where your audience hangs out online. Once you get the word out in the proper niche, you will begin to see traffic increase that is interested in your particular service or product. This means they will actually be looking for the service or product and are willing to spend money. This converts into sales.

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