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Ensuring your work vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, works efficiently and safely on the road is crucial. Often, cars will give you warning signals that something is at fault on a deeper level. Ignoring these signals will only amplify these problems until they can become irreversible – but even more importantly, they can result in a crash or breakdown in unsafe areas. 

In the scenario that you do notice signals and are scared to drive the vehicle, Google your nearest engine reconditioners or mechanics to assist. Simply write “local engine reconditioners Auckland NZ“, for example. It may even be worth getting a tow truck to take your vehicle but ask your local mechanics on the phone first. They will give advice on whether it is safe to drive. 

1. Vibrating

If you’re feeling vibrations in your vehicle, it could be indicative of several potential issues. Specifically, when it pertains to engine vibrations, it might signal worn-out or faulty spark plugs. When spark plugs deteriorate, the engine may misfire in the cylinders, leading to noticeable vibrations. Other factors contributing to this shaking could include loose air or vacuum hoses, as well as timing belts and other belts that are either loose or damaged. Additionally, a malfunctioning fuel intake system could be a culprit. When you come across these types of problems, it’s wise to consult a mechanic. They can rectify the issue by replacing any damaged components with high-quality Car Engine Parts. This will likely ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and without any unnerving vibrations.

2. Fuel consumption

While an increase in the fuel consumption has an imminent impact on your pocket. The noticeable difference is a warning signal for deeper issues and in the long run, this can also cause even bigger repairs. This fuel consumption could refer to the engine compression stroke playing up.

3. A banging sound

If you can hear a constant and repetitive banging sound underneath your bonnet, something is amiss. This is a clear indication that you are in need of engine bearing replacement. Take your work vehicle into the engine reconditioners as letting it fester will most definitely become expensive with more urgent repairs, and could even result in a full blown engine replacement. 

4. Exhaust smoke

Noticing a significant amount of smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe often comes as a clear sign of an issue, even for those who aren’t knowledgeable about cars. Each coloured smoke can refer to different faults. For instance, black smoke means your car is burning too much gas as a result of another fault. Smoke with a blut tinge to it is more likely a sign of an oil leak. And, a white smoke is a coolant leak. Smoke is a significant issue that should be fixed at your local engine reconditioners.

If you are worried you are being paranoid and don’t want to waste money with an unnecessary visit to engine reconditioners, you can always call them first first for advice or a pricing quote. At the end of the day, safety is paramount and more important than any cost. Once you’ve taken your work vehicle in, at least you have reassurance that your engine will more than likely be fine for a length of time. 

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