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What’s the point of trading stock picks? I get that question a lot from new traders. They have all heard about it’s usefulness and how it can make you a lot of money over a few weeks or months, but they still don’t understand what it is or why it works. I’ll try to explain it here in this article.

The whole point of stock trading is that you pick a stock and wait for it to rise in price, then buy it right before it goes up too far. You wait for the break, or “bump” as some traders call it, then trade the stock once the price has corrected and made a big move. So, why does this work? Well for one thing, the stock market is a volatile environment that allows people with good timing to make big moves.

For example, let’s say you pick a stock on your own. This is usually very risky because the market is so unpredictable, but if you have some time, you can study the charts and figure out where the markets are going before anyone else does. Then, you take the money you have tied up in that stock and use it to buy another stock. This is where the danger comes in. If you can predict when someone else is about to make a move, then you can swoop in and grab some of their profits.

However, timing isn’t everything, the most important part of making big moves is understanding when is the right time to trade. You need to be able to determine which stocks are moving in the right direction and are likely to go up, and which aren’t. This is called “trading discipline” and is crucial if you want to succeed in the markets. Once you have the discipline to follow your trades throughout the duration of the trend, and you’ve been able to determine when the points of maximum volatility are, then you can trade accordingly. The point of trading stock picks is to ride out the momentum of the market to make the highest profit at the end of the trend, not to sit around hoping to make a few bucks off a few losers.

There is a lot to be said for following the market trends and being a strong believer in chart analysis, but it doesn’t always work out like you’d like. Sometimes, there just aren’t big moves in a small price range that can be predicted. For instance, a new product may rise to the top of the day and drop just as quickly, but there may not be a big move on that kind of stock for several days or weeks. At those times, the best strategy may be to hold out and wait for the next big move to come about.

As I outlined in the beginning, trading stock picks doesn’t have to mean that you’re getting rich right away. In fact, many traders lose money in the beginning and some never make it past the breaking point. But if you are patient and are willing to learn the necessary skills, then you can certainly make money trading stocks. You just have to know what the big moves in the market are and have a plan in place to act on those moves in a way that guarantees you’ll always be on the winning side of your trades. That’s the only way to make money trading stock picks and have any chance of success.

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