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When you are building up any kind of business, it needs to be on solid foundations. Chief among these is the team that you employ to work for you. It is simply not possible to do everything yourself as your business grows, which makes competent staff essential. One mistake that many employers make though is to only look at the academic or workplace qualifications that any potential employee may have. While this is important, it is just as key to consider how trustworthy they are.

Why are trustworthy staff so vital to your business?

What makes employing staff who you can trust such a big deal? Here are a few reasons that show why this makes perfect business sense:

  • Freedom to achieve – if you are the CEO of your own company, then you will have your own tasks to look after each day. You cannot do this if you are also constantly having to check on staff to make sure that they are working or completing their own jobs to the standard expected. Making sure that you have people in place who you trust ensures that you have the freedom to focus on your own role and leave other parts of the business to the staff who look after them.
  • Less stressful – of course, having trustworthy staff also gives you peace of mind. It will stop you worrying about what is happening in your business when you are at home or away on a business trip. It also means that you can actually have a holiday and enjoy it as there will be people on hand to keep everything running properly when you are away.
  • Business success – staff who you can trust will not steal from you, rip you off or do anything that could harm your business. This is one of the main reasons why it is so key for the future success of any venture you are undertaking. Get a team around you who you know have your best interests at heart and will not get up to any illegal or mischievous activities.

Drug and alcohol testing for complete trust

Of course, it can be tricky to actually work out which employees are trustworthy or not. After all, some people are good at putting on a front or pretending to be something they are not. One superb way to establish trust with staff is to use a company specializing in drug testing in el paso, or wherever is local, to test for drugs or alcohol misuse when in the workplace. By doing this, you can not only help them if needed but also prevent them doing anything to harm your business while intoxicated or high. There are some great professional laboratories around now with 24-hour drug test results to make this easy to implement.

Trust is key

One of the main drivers in any employee/employer relationship is trust. This is certainly true when thinking of your staff as you need to be able to trust them to do their job and be honest. From testing to make sure that they are coming into work in the right state to making sure that you have a team who are productive, trust is an essential ingredient for any successful business.



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