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In the modern era, keeping abreast of the latest technological trends gives your business an edge over the competition. However, technology is changing at a very fast rate and the clamour for new and advanced electronic equipment has brought about its own set of drawbacks.

The constant replacement of outdated or spoiled devices and appliances has led to the increased pile-up of electronic waste. Studies have shown that electronic waste accounts for about 5% of the total global waste. However, what raises a red flag is the fact that it takes the lion’s share of the overall toxic waste. A small device such as a mobile phone contains over 500 components, most of which are made of hazardous heavy metals, this underlines just how important it is to make sure you are engaging in electronics recycling methods to ensure the safe disposal of these electronic devices.

Lead, Mercury, Lithium, and other toxic elements are used in the manufacture of electronics. These toxins pose a plethora of detrimental effects on the environment and human health. As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that your electronic waste is properly disposed of with the help of high-quality machines such as those found at Doyle Machinery. Most waste removal companies in the UK also offer electronic waste recycling and disposal services. Waste Express is among the best waste disposal companies.

Electronic Waste Removal and Recycling Compliance

There are regulatory laws that govern the disposal and recycling of electronic waste. Waste Express is Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Regulations compliant. This ensures that any electronic waste removed from your business premises by the company is properly disposed of or recycled according to the legislation put in place by the relevant agency.

Why Your Business Should Consider WEEE Disposal and Recycling Services

Data Security

At times, there may be crucial data and information stored in unused computers and laptops. When these computers are disposed of in a sloppy manner, there is a risk of the information falling into the wrong hands. An efficient WEEE disposal company ensures that data in the hard disks is completely wiped out before the device is re-used by third parties. Making use of a disposal company not only saves your company time, effort and space used when handling electronic waste, but it also helps ensure that your sensitive information remains secure.

E-Waste Requires Specialised Handling

Considering the fact that e-waste consists of both re-usable and hazardous components, special care is required when handling this waste. Broken fluorescent tubes and worn out batteries may contain mercury and other harmful components. Mercury is fatal to humans; therefore, handling waste that may contain mercury is better left to the professionals. Utilizing battery recycling services also helps to salvage reusable materials and precious metals.

Office Space

As the number of unused or spoilt electronic equipment increase, many businesses have dedicated rooms for the sole purpose of storing e-waste. These rooms and spaces would have otherwise been utilised for other profit-making purposes. If your business has this problem, seeking electronic waste removal services is the most viable solution. Recycling will put into good use those components that seem useless to you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

How you handle your waste has a great impact on your reputation as a business. Consumers prefer enterprises that are well known for their public and environmentally friendly practices. Electronic waste is known to have the some of the most toxic environmental pollutants. When the toxins leak into the soil and contaminate the water and the land around where e-waste is disposed, there can be some very dire consequences on the communities around that area. The toxic elements cause severe organ damages and also compromise the reproductive and nervous systems.

This can negatively impact your brand’s reputation and take a serious toll on your business. Disposal companies make use of environmentally friendly means to ensure that the electronic junk is properly gotten rid of.

Waste Express is a UK based waste removal company. They offer fast and convenient waste removal services across the country on a same-day basis. In major cities such as London and Manchester, the staff arrives on the requested site in a matter of minutes. They offer a wide range of waste removal services for business and domestic clients with e-waste removal among their specialities.

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