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Casino dresses are formal wear that demand class and elegance as much as they demand high-quality tailoring. Though most casinos don’t care much about what you wear, it is always to dress well when you are going to a high-end casino. Semi-formal and business formal is often acceptable during the day. However, as soon as sundown approaches, you need to ‘dress up’ for the casino. Certain areas of the casino, like the VIP section, some poker rooms, and even certain restaurants have specific dress codes of their own. To avoid any unpleasant situations, dress in smart formals. Learn the basic casino dress code here.

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What is not acceptable?

Sweatpants, t-shirts, slippers and anything that remotely resembles street-style, raggedy or shabby-chic is completely unacceptable at a casino. Do not wear clothes that you would wear while walking your dog or visiting the grocery store. Baggy shirts, dad jeans (or any kind of jeans, especially the distressed variety) should be avoided on the casino floor. Crocs, slippers, flip flops, etc. are also not acceptable here.

What to wear?

I have seen that people in European casinos are often more sharply dressed than Americans. In the US, the dress code is business casual or semi-formal while Europeans will prefer their patrons to be dressed in elegant suits, of a very specific variety.

If you are in the US, or any other place where semi formals and relaxed business formals are allowed, always opt for the khakis and white shirts. This combo can never go wrong. They work well for business as well as play. Boat shoes and loafers are also acceptable in these settings. Make sure- casual or semi-formal dress code doesn’t mean you have to wear shorts and checkered shirts. If white shirts and khakis don’t work for you, opt for muted shirts and blue or soft grey trousers. You will look neat and sharp, without putting in too much effort. Ideally, avoid the jeans.

If you are in European casinos or anywhere else in the world that demand formal clothes, go for the conservative button-down shirt. Avoid anything fancy in shirts. No frills, no patterns, no fancy fabrics. Dress pants and dress jackets are also often a good idea. However, when visiting high-end European casinos, be more mindful of what you are wearing. You may be required to wear coats and a tie, especially after 8 pm. No loafers are allowed here. Wear dress shoes only.

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